If I could join an English club it would be only Chelsea, because they have the right philosophy. Results over style and they never give up.

Andrea Pirlo

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Marco hugs Lewy :))

140415 DFB-Pokal Semifinal (BVB vs VfL)

i will go down with you two <3

Lukasz did a V gesture behind Marco. :))) How cute!

Лукаш Пищек ставит рожки Марко Ройсу.

Где моя завеса жалости? *пузырится*

Jonas interrupts Erik’s interview again :D [x]

140412 Bundesliga 30R (FCB vs BVB)

Coming soon to a dashboard near you.

Coming soon to a dashboard near you.

Miss u Kuba! #old stuff

140125 Bundesliga 18R(BVB vs FCA)

How not to cry??

Joe Cole on Chelsea-PSG

holy shit! look who’s back at Stamford


Ok so my amazing friend promiseslikepiecrust , whom you might know as the person who broke all of our hearts and made us love Alex Curran, just discovered this and we thought tumblr needs to know about it:

Xabi quite possibly likes a Spanish band called Russian Red, who did the music for…


ok idek whether to laugh or to cry